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Will “Deshair” Foskey began writing ‘Monday Morning Motivation’ letters 4 years ago; started out with a few, now hundreds of supporters. Let’s this week!

Monday Motivation is Back

Don’t ask for another chance. Step up for the one you have! If you believe you’re owed more than one shot at anything, you’re living without passion; you’re living without intensity; you’re setting yourself up for another failure and setting yourself back another day from success. YOUR moment is THIS moment! Don’t ask for another [...]

Motivation For The Week from Deshair~

7/22/13 Seize your moment, whether in your life or history. Time is beautiful, valuable and shouldn’t be wasted. Be mindful of the value of each second. Your seconds and the seconds of others. Seize your moment by staying on the road. If you see an accident ahead of you, recognize it, but don’t stare so [...]


Beware and become aware of fear tactics and the people who use it as a weapon to alter your spirit. Your belief is what they’re after; your hope for something greater. People will tell you to give up on just about anything; taking the first bad experience you have and telling you there’s more to [...]


Monday Morning Motivation for 7-8-13 Be reliable. Hold true to you word. Act out of responsibility to those you’ve extended your hand to. Cancellations are momentum killers and the easiest way to run out of credits. Have you let someone down recently? Apologize for it. The apology may not reinstate their trust in you. At [...]